Export excel mergeCells

MergeCells after exporting to Excel:思維:思維:思維:


Can you add more details? Example and reproduction steps


I want to merge cells in excel after exporting excel

This depends on your implementation for export to Excel functionality. Our exportToFile plugin exports only CSV, and by the specification for CSV format it does not support merged cells.

If you’re using any 3rd party library to create XLSX file then you will need to feed it with merged cells. This information can be obtained from the merge cells plugin.

Do you have an example of your exporter?

I understand, but I currently use the exported package as “js-xlsx.js”. I need to use the exported Excel to connect with the overlap. It does have the function of merging the cells, but it needs to be opened in Excel to save it Here.

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as Wojciech said before, we only allow to export data via .CSV file while does not allows ut to share meta data (like styling, custom renderers or merged coordinates). You get only what you see via getData() method.

You can get rowspan and colspan from cellMeta. We do exactly the same in parseTable helper: