[GH #1159] Datepicker lose focus

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I have upgraded to the newest version of Handsontable. Unfortunately, now the datepicker textbox remove the whole date when I am trying to update a number of the year.


In previous versions, I was able to remove some fragments of the date and use it as a normal textbox.

Is there any fix for it?


Hi @jlsuarezcabrera

Thank you for reporting this issue. I’ve checked it, and it’s a regression. It’s not clear what could’ve caused it so far, so we need to investigate it more. For the time being, if it’s possible to you, I can suggest to go down to Handsontable 12.0.1 where the problem is not present.

I also reported the bug in our repository.

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Thank you! I will do a downgrade to that version :slight_smile:

No problem, I will close this topic for now :slight_smile: