[GH #4296] beforeOnCellMouseOver Callback issue

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I’ve encountered the following bug:
When entering the same cell, the mouseOver event is not called.

You can see it in the following example:
Try to enter the same cell from the right side of the table and see that no event is being called.

I can confirm that this issue still exists on version 6.2.2 which is the one that I am using.
If you can issue a fix it will be great.

Thanks for alll the hard work,

Hi @gkremer,
Thank you for reporting this problem. We already have this one on our issue-board https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/4296 - related to beforeOnCellMouseOver and afterOnCellMouseOver. Unfortunately, we didn’t schedule work on fixing it yet. You can track progress by subscribing to notifications from that issue on GitHub or opting into our newsletter in https://my.handsontable.com.
Thank you for your involvement in improving Handsontable!

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