[GH #4751] Time sorting (time of day)

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Good evening dear developers. I have a question about sorting the time column. Is it possible to sort the column taking into account the time of day? I tried different variants of templates like dateFormat: "hh:mm A". But nothing helps.
And immediately the next question, where can I see the list of patterns that can be used for sorting, so that in the future I could look at it?
Thank you in advance for your reply

Hi @andrey3746238

It looks like we have a similar issue already reported on our official Github board at https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/4751

We did not add this issue to the milestone for this month, but I will make a note to inform you as soon as we do.

Thank you for your reply. Have a good day:)

Thank you! Same for you, @andrey3746238