[GH #6662] IE (edge). If you enter the date directly, it will be converted one day ago

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Please tell me the solution.

▼If you double-click the target cell and enter “date” directly, the result will be as follows.

Incorrect example

2020/01/10 → 1/9
2020/1/10 → 1/9

Desired result

2020/01/10 → 1/10
2020/1/10 → 1/10

However, typing below is normal.

01/10/2020 → 1/10
1/10/2020 → 1/10

As reference……
If you enter the following pattern directly, it will not be converted

01/10 → 01/10
1/10 → 1/10

※Input from the date picker is normal

▼Target "columns” settings

  data: 'due_date',
  type: 'date',
  dateFormat: 'M/D',
  correctFormat: true,
  defaultDate: '<?php echo date('Y/m/d');?>',
  // Localizing into Japanese
  datePickerConfig: {
  yearSuffix: '年',
  showMonthAfterYear: true,
  showDaysInNextAndPreviousMonths: true,
  i18n: {
    previousMonth: '前月',
    nextMonth: '次月',
    months: moment.localeData()._months,
    weekdays: moment.localeData()._weekdays,
    weekdaysShort: moment.localeData()._weekdaysShort

Hey @amada717

can you load it in a demo?

ps. we may not support all the moment features.

Thank you for your reply

We can’t show you a demo, but you can see something similar on the page below. (Although the settings are slightly different, such as the format …)

2020/01/10 → 01/09/2020
2020/1/10 → 01/09/2020

2020/01/01 → 12/31/2019
2020/1/1 → 12/31/2019

ps. we may not support all the moment features.

I’ve acknowledged.I want to solve it if I can.

Here’s the demo when I use your dates but got a different result


2020/01/10 → 01/10/2020
2020/1/10 → 01/10/2020

2020/01/01 → 01/10/2020
2020/1/1 → 01/10/2020

I’m using the latest version 7.3.0.

But… I’m on Mac today and cannot test it on Windows (IE / Edge), only on a virtual machine.

Can you please try my demo and share feedback?

Since I also use a Mac, it is a check in a virtual environment.
Version confirmed that it was the same.( 7.3.0 .)

When I checked the demo in the virtual environment, the previous day was displayed when it was loaded.

Also, the result of direct input is as follows.

2020/01/10 → 01/09/2020
2020/1/10 → 01/09/2020

2020/01/01 → 12/31/2019
2020/1/1 → 12/31/2019

After experimenting with dateFormat, it seems to work correctly with the following pattern.
dateFormat: 'YYYY / MM / DD

I can see a similar topic here https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/4953

I will recheck your demo on Monday when I’ll be able to test it on Windows. However, the description is pretty similar.

OK. Thank you.

Hey @amada717

I’ve reported it as a new issue after testing on Windows

I will update you as soon as we get this done.

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Thank you for the response.