[GH #6744] Comments box or dropdown menu are offset (displayed away from)

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Please see image first…

Upon load (no scroll yet), when I hover or single-click the cell that has a circle green (see image above), the comment box would show beside the cell. BUT, when I start scroll horizontally, and if I hover or single-click again to that cell, now this time, the comment box would show away from the cell. Same goes for the custom dropdown.


Hi @hugh

If it comes to comments we have reported similar issue - https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/6744

On the other hand, you mention about custom dropdown.
Does comments is custom too?

Can you attach a demo where we can reproduce the issue?

Hi @piotr.nowak,

What is the status of this issue? When I read the github link for the issue, it seems there is no update yet.

Unfortunately, I can’t say when this issue will be resolve.

After release 8.0.0 version we’ll plan our Roadmap.
If I get any news on that subject I pass it on to you.