[GH #9925] Can't select the row if all the columns are freezed

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Hello. I have a weird case and I would need help. I observed that the select checkbox is not selectable if all the columns are locked. what can I do to make them selectable again?


I discovered that also if I’ll comment in your example this part it will have the same problem:

Hi @dezsirazvan

What do you mean by writing

if all the columns are locked

do you mean the fixedColumnsLeft or readOnly? If so readOnly has to stop the selection of a checkbox.

I mean fixedColumnsStart: x where x is equal with the total number of columns

I have the same problem also with the fixedColumnsLeft: totalNumberOfColumns

I saw now that they become readOnly when are included in fixedColumnsLeft. what options do I have to make that columns selectable? I tried readOnly: false but didn’t change nothing

I see what you mean, @dezsirazvan

I replicated the issue using this demo https://jsfiddle.net/zfgw30m1/
And it seems that the number of fixed columns equally requires more clicks than just one. For example, in this demo there are some checkboxes that get checked after 2 clicks, and some of them need 6 clicks. I got this result testing the demo on Chrome 105 on macOS Monterey. Does it work the same for you?

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yes, exactly. thanks for the example

That’s an interesting issue. Let me investigate ot a bit more. I’ll get back after I finish the investigation.

perfect, thank you

hey @aleksandra_budnik. do you have any news about this?

I just reported the issue, @dezsirazvan at https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/9925

It seems to boil down to a double-click instead of a single click. It is not a regression, so downgrading the version won’t help. I tried to find a workaround but did not succeed. However, I will surely notify you as soon as we fix this issue.

get it, thanks.