[GH #9930] NestedHeaders not working after Filtering

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Hi, I’m using NestedHeaders.
There’s a problem with this feature after filtering is used.

Fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/k4bx1asv/4/
To see the issue, just set filter for any column to “Is empty”. After pressing OK, there’s no data shown (and that’s correct).
The issue is that I can’t change the filter anymore (clicking on the “arrow button” does nothing).


Hi @andraz.podobnik

Thank you for pointing that out. It turned out it’s a regression in the newest version (12.1.0), it’s not present in the previous one (12.0), so if it’s possible, I would recommend to downgrade until we fix it. I also reported it on our GitHub, so you can track the issue here: