HandsOnTable multiple nested rows

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Will this support multi level nested rows?

My requirement is like this


Then Each groups Contains SubGroups. Then each SubGroup contains Sub sub Group …etc upto 4 levels.

I need a nested records (+/-) (expandable/collapsable) record hierarchy which can expand and collpase upto the 4 levels.

Like Group1 is expandable and collapsible
When Group1 is expanded, SubGroup1 under Group1 should be expandable and collapsible.
When SubGrpup1 is expanded SubSubGroup1 under SubGroup1 should be expandable and collapsible…etc. Like this I need to expand and collapse records upto 4 levels.

Hey @siju.chempakaramanpi

you can build as many groups as you want here https://jsfiddle.net/handsoncode/yh49f7nm/ I have set 5 levels of nesting. You just need to add

rowHeaderWidth: number

as the header does not expand itself automatically.

Here is UI for the collapsing (not documented yet) https://jsfiddle.net/handsoncode/umc6x91r/ but this is meant to work for the top parents.

One more help needed.

Default all main and sublevel rows are expanded. How I can make it collapsible by default?

https://jsfiddle.net/handsoncode/umc6x91r/ this one is for the first level of collapsing. How I can collpse the first level children and second level children of the top parents nodes?

We’ve already mentioned the topic on emails but as someone else might be looking for the same answer I wanted to update this topic.

Currently the API allows to expand/collapse only parents from the 1 level.