Highlight duplicate cell and filter by color

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hi , is there anyway we can highlight duplicates cells and filterby colors.

Hi @v_velpandian_sathish

there’s no built-in functionality to detect duplicates. Have you already created the script to detect them?

No , you have any script with you

First, we need to define if a duplicate is

  • the same value is a column
  • the same value in a row
  • the same value in a table
  • the same row data
  • the same column data

All those cases require a different condition to be used.

Is it possible to add these Built In function?

For sure. However, I do not see this functionality on our list for Q4 of 2020, and the Roadmap for 2021 is not yet created. Still, as mentioned in my ticket above it is possible by the use of our API - it just requires a bit more coding.