How to change cell display on "prepare" method of customEditors?

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I have a customeditor and custom Renderer for a column. What I’m trying to do is, when a user selects the cell, dynamically change the display…and then, when they leave the cell, display as normal.

In the customeditor, I’;m assuming the prepare code is the correct place to do this. Below, When I use this as a test, the cell changes to “hello” when I select it, however, when I click off to another cell, it remains. How do I get the display to use the customrenderer logic to display the original value?

prepare(row, col, prop, td, originalValue, cellProperties) {
super.prepare(row, col, prop, td, originalValue, cellProperties);


Can you share the latest progress in a dem, @mhennessy7 ?
I’m not sure about the expected result. You’ve mentioned editor but also changing value on a selection and those are two different actions.

I guess that we can close this topic as it has been already solved over emails.