Looker dev difference between PDT and regular DT

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LookerML question: I have got this snowflake query which joins one static table (does not refresh) and one table that refreshes every day. I want to pop this query into Looker and create a simple Looker dashboard using it. Two options I think are available to me to do so:

  1. Create view file and PDT but that would mean I need to add a trigger value and the data including the static table would refresh, right? - Isn’t this very inefficient?
  2. Create regular DT with the explore being a PDT?

Hi @ls7736204

I’m not familiar with Looker and do not know the syntax you’d need to use. We can keep the issue open for other community members to see. But, to be honest, it’s the first question about Looker on this forum.

I need no close this topic as there have been no updates for 2 months.