Minsparerows issue

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I am working on upgrading from an older version 7.4.2 to the newest 12.1.2
So far, things have gone smoothly. However, one issue I’m running into is with the minSpareRows setting.

I have it set to 1, howeve whenever I make changes to state, a new spare row is added to the grid.
Is there a known issue with the minsparerows functionality?

Hi @mhennessy7

I’m glad to hear that overall transitions is going fine.

Regarding your issue. Can you please create a code demo so I can see what exactly is happening there?

ok, it will take time to extract out a simplified version to share. I will try to do that. I was hoping there might be a known issue. What I can say is that I"m using the React Wrapper.
The issue seems to be related to specific custom Render types on the table. When I have just our standard text type with minsparerows = 1, it renders correctly.

However when I add a new column to the table with a complex render type…what I’m seeing is that the minsparerows is doubled. So if it’s 1, 2 show up. If I set it to 2, then 4 show up.

Once in that state, if I bring up our field editor, and update state, a new min spare row is added. So, definitely related to the custom renderer, but doesn’t exist in the older version.

I will try to create a simplified code version that demo’s the issue…will take a while.

Hi @mhennessy7

Do we have any updates regarding the minified demo?

I needed to put this migration on the backburner while I finish 2 other items. I will revisit this in about 2 months, where I’ll have time to extract out a version I could share that demo’s the issues I’m seeing.

So I propose to close this topic and make a short call when you’ll be ready. We can schedule it via support@handsontable.com