Missing type definition for nestedRows > dataManager

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I am using version 12.3 and working with the NestedRows plugin. In order to work with data properly (e.g. determing the hierarchy level of a row) I have found out that I need to use the dataManager object in the plugin.

But this does not provide any type definitions. You also don’t have any documentation about the dataManager in the official docs.

Could you check, if you could add some type definitions?


Hi @lindenberg

dataManager is a part of our internal API, that’s why it isn’t described in our documentation and doesn’t have type definitions. In general, we don’t recommend using it, as its methods can change without any notice.

Hi Adrian,
thanks for your reply.

Do you provide any other way to retrieve the hierarchy level of a row, or a way to iterate through the hierarchy and get the row mapping to the visual index, for example?

The only way for me to get this done, was by using the dataManager object.

Hi @lindenberg

Did you try with the IndexMapper? From your requirements I believe it should be a good option: