Registering Handsome.dom helper

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I am using handsonTable with svelte and up to now everything is coming along nicely.

I am trying to setup a custom renderer and I would need the handsometable.dom helper. But, as I have just loaded the handsontable/base, the helper is not available by default. I didn’t find any indication on haw to load and register helpers in the documentation.

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @nicolas

Here is related topic about our Helpers, where it is explained why they are not exposed:

Besides that, at the moment we don’t offer an official support for Svelte.

Hi @adrian.szymanski,

Thanks for your answer.

So basically, it is not possible to perform tree shaking and bundle size optimization if we would like to use for example the :


like in the examples of ?


Unfortunately, it’s not possible.