[8.0.0] The method "isHidden" in plugin "hiddenColumns"

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Our app just gets upgrade from HT 3 to HT 7.4.2. After upgrade, I noticed the “hidden columns” aren’t working properly. I drilled down this issue to the method “isHidden” in the plugin “hiddenColumns”.

This is the fiddle.
Clicking the button should hide the column “Age”. But it actually hides the column “Name”.

This issue should have existed since HT 7.0.0


According to the doc, the “hideColumns” uses the “visual column index”. What this method does is just set “hiddenColumns” on the plugin instance.

However, by default, the “isHidden” use the physical column index to check whether a column is hidden. (isPhysicalIndex is false if the second parameter is not passed). For this reason, if the visual column index isn’t equal to the physical column index, the “hiddenColumn” plugin will hide incorrect column.

If the intention of the change in the “isHidden” means that “showColumns” and “hideColumns” should start using the physical column index?

If not, then is the change in the “isHidden” correct?


Hi @lijigang.us

that’s a big step you take there. Since v3 we had so many breaking changes. However, the next version (v8) is going to fix some issues that you might have been noticing for a while. We have created an index calculation center that solves all the issues related to index incompatibilities.

Moving on to the demo you’ve made I’ve updated it to Handsontable 8.0.0-beta2-rev10 https://jsfiddle.net/AMBudnik/k3ud8s6f/ where (after adding render()) we get the expected result.

I keep my fingers crossed for success with the upgrade but if you’d have any issues feel free to contact me here (on forum) or send an email to support@handsontable.com

Thanks so much @aleksandra_budnik
Do you have any idea about what is the estimated time of releasing 8.0.0?
We want to weight whether we migrating to 7.4.2 or waiting for 8.0.0 to be released.

We plan to publish beta2 in June, and possibly stable 8.0.0. version after a week or two.

Wow. That is great news!!!
Thanks so much :+1:

Hi @aleksandra_budnik

Is there any way that I can get the 8.0.0-beta2-rev10 by npm now?

we do not publish revisions. However, we should publish the final beta2 version around 15th of June.

Hi @aleksandra_budnik

Do you have any update about the estimated date of publishing 8.0.0-beta2?

Hi @lijigang.us
We were preparing for the code freeze, but found some regressions that need to be checked before releasing beta2.

Thanks @aleksandra_budnik