Add tooltip for Dropdown in cells

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I have use code
cells: function (row, column) {
cellProperties.readOnly = false
cellProperties.type = handsontableCellTypes.AUTOCOMPLETE
cellProperties.isUnflipDropdown = true
cellProperties.editor = Editor
cellProperties.visibleRows = autocompleteVisibleRows
cellProperties.isLimit = false
cellProperties.isComponentLevel = true
if (column === 1)
cellProperties.source = myArraySource
return cellProperties
Can I add tooltip for all dropdown item in this case.

Hi! You can add a tooltip by leveraging the “handsontable” property of the autocomplete/dropdown/handsontable cell type.

Here’s a simple example:

There are more examples of the “handsontable” property on the page:

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@marcin Thanks for your help. Any ways to get handsontable instance on cellProperties which contain dropdown. Because I use it. I not yet find the way.

Typically, the getCellMeta method should give you an object with handsontable property, but only if it was defined in your configuration object. If it is not defined in the configuration object, then it is not present in the cell properties object.