Added support for node environment

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Continuing the discussion from Handsontable and bundler for javascript:

From the release note of v1.3.3. There is ‘Added support for node environment’.

Can someone please tell me a bit more detail about this? Does it mean I can install through npm (though it is still not an option in the install guide) . Or dose it mean I can use something like require(‘handsontable’) in my code?

I am using browserify for my web APPs. Hope the release will make life easier. In linked topic there is an estimation that there may be update about this at the end February. Is there any released so far?

Hi @crawlregister,

Yes since Handsontable v0.24.2 and PRO v1.3.3 we added support for node environment. It means that you can install our package via npm and you can include library into your script in commonJS module style.

To install regular Handsontable version run npm install handsontable and for PRO it is npm install git+ssh://

Also you can bundle your app with browserify. To bundle Handsontable with all dependencies you should name its dependencies like browserify app.js -o compiled/main.js -r moment -r pikaday -r zeroclipboard or you can omit bundle dependencies like browserify app.js -o compiled/main.js and include them into HTML as a script tag.

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I read the release note of v0.24.3 again. And find it:

‘Added Handsontable to npm, jspm and NuGet.’

Thanks! Cheers!