Adding color to background

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hello, im having a question
how can i make each row of data have a different background color?
example 50%> data have red color (i get the red color from my database)

Hi @thusuryo

You can use conditional formatting. Here we have a scale of colors showing for a particular range of temperature.

okay thank for the answer


what if the data that i have, already have the color with it
like data[] = is the data
and colour[] = is the color of each data in the data[]

like data[] = [‘apple’,‘blueberry’]
and the color[] = [‘red’,‘blue’]

Does the 0, 0 cell in your array of arrays of data always equal the 0, 0 cell in your array of arrays of color? If so, then you can refer to the color array directly in the renderer. Updated demo

yes, im already arrange the array like that
so the 0 on color[] is the value color of 0 on data[]

thank you for the answer

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Great. So I think that the issue is solved and we can close it.

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