Adding Color to text and background

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Hey their,

Is it possible to Add different color to background and font, only when we select and type some content to cell and then press enter (Changes only upon enter),
If its able to do please let me know.

Hi @tenexap105

Yes, it’s possible. You will need to use a custom editor to do this. Here’s a basic example with background color and font changed while editing:

And here you can read more about this functionality:

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Thank you very much for quick response,

In this on focus, then while editing, then custom editor that is applying style is taking place,
Can it remain unchanged the style , even after moving or selecting other cell and giving an enter button,
Means to say that, if we move out of focus on that specific cell, style should remain

Best Regards

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to keep the editor open while focusing on another cell.

Ok fine,
I’ll try to go with some custom css, if it gets some sort of way then i will post here too.
Thank you for response.

This Might be Good to go for me,