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Currently handsontable pro has filters and I want to be able to ad a hook that does a few things after the filter has been applied.

I also have some hidden rows and when I apply the filter and sort every things the hidden values start showing.

Hi @alan.barclay
Let’s start from your example with filtering and hidden rows. Please take a minute to check this example: When we filter by value for an ID column add leave only 1 - 5 values our hidden rows: [2, 3, 4, 5, 6], are still hidden.

Can you check it and correct me if that’s not the case?

When it comes to a hook currently there is one beforeFilter, here’s an example of use:

I’ll add an information that it has to be added to the docs.

thank you telling me about the before filter. The main problem I have is that I am dynamically hiding some of the rows and when I press none for the filter all my hidden rows become shown. Is their a way to add to hidden so I do not have to tell it to unhide certain rows to hide new rows just cause I sorted or filtered them? That is also the main reason I need a before and after for sorting and filtering.

Can you share with me a live demo @alan.barclay?
At the first glance is sounds like a bug.

Here is the demo I created. if you delete a row then you filter it. and then you sort it and drop the filter the wrong row comes back out.

Hi @alan.barclay
Could you guide me how to reproduce the issue?

I tried:

  1. Hide (with an erase.png icon) 2nd and 3rd row
  2. Open filter at 1 column and choose filter by condition: none
  3. Pressed OK

After that cells were hidden as expected.

ps. tested on Chrome/OSX

Step1: Hide ID 5 which is CAD
Step2: Filter Column Country With Contain D
*Problem 1 : you see ID 5
Step3: Clear Country Filter to none
Step4: Sort ID or Country
Problem 2: shows ID 5 when sorted

Thanks for scenario @alan.barclay I reproduced the issue.
Something tells me that it might be connected to: but I have to check it.

Added to our internal ticketing system #47

Hi @alan.barclay

the following issue should be fixed in version 1.7.4. and above.
Here’s a working demo:

Can you confirm?