afterLoadData hook

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I am using afterChange and afterLoadData, but if I used setCellMeta in the hook, I can see that setCellMeta is running normally in the case of afterChange, but afterLoadData is not applied because of timing problems. If I run with setTimeout, it seems to run after everything is loaded, but how can I run the contents in the hook without using setTimeout when the table is initialized or loaded?

Below is an example of jsfiddle that corresponds to the above.

Hi @curlydoggi

I used the callbacks demo to test which hook runs first
And it seems that in this case afterChange is the one that has the ‘final word’ and should be used to call your setCellMeta(). The before/afterChange hooks expose the source (2nd parameter) of the change so you can use that to point loadData as the source. Demo

Thank you, it was a springboard for a solution, and I would like to ask you one more question. I want to apply setCellMeta to the entire Row, is there only a way to use setCellMeta several times?

There is only a single method that applies the cell meta to a single cell. So in this case you’d need to run the loop. But luckily the setCellMeta() itself doesn’t evoke a cell renderer so there won’t be any issues with the performance.