afterOnCellMouseOver event not triggering

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afterOnCellMouseOver not triggered when I hover out of table and hover back on cell

To replicate the issue, I have created jsFiddle for same.
Hover on second column cells and see there’s one tooltip. Move cursor out of table and hover back on last row second column then the event is not fired

Thanks in advance

Hi @nihalshetty48

Please confirm if this is the same issue as the one that you described.

Yes same issue. but the fix mentioned there is not working.

const mainWOT = that.instance.cloneSource || that.instance;
mainWOT.lastMouseOver = null;

initially I got that is not defined
then I changed to this and I am getting
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘cloneSource’)

That piece of code has to be changed in the source code - however, it might not be the fix after all the changes we made in previous versions.

I will make sure to update you as soon as we fix that issue.

Thanks. Currently I am using jquery events to mimic the same. Its working fine for now. Will be waiting for the update.

Hi @nihalshetty48

I have great news!

The is just fixed in the newest version of Handsontable - 12.4.0

If you’d have any issues while updating to the newest version please let me know at