Angular 9 with handsontable 7.0.3

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I recently updated a project from Angular 7 to 9. We are also using @handsontable/angular@4.0.0 and handsontable@7.0.3.

My question is whether I must update also the handsontable versions or v7.0.3 doesn’t have a problem to work in the updated Angular?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @slavozar.vargulev

Handsontable 7.0.3 was released almost a year before Angular 9 so there might be some issues. The version released in about the same time was 7.4.2 and that’s the last version before the version 8.0.0 which introduced a lot of new features but also a lot of breaking changes so I would suggest to upgrade to at least version 7.4.2. However, if you would like to upgrade Handsontable even past 7.4.2, here’s a migration guide:

Thanks @adrian.szymanski! :slight_smile: