Angular formulas plugin


My team and I are evaluating the Angular wrapper for our project.

I placed a grid with the formulas plugin in order to do simple arithmetic operations (I’m aware that it’s still in alpha stage). While using it, I encountered a problem with the SUM function.
On large grids with 1000+ columns the function doesn’t take into account some cells (ex: "=SUM( B1 : APU1)) and gives a wrong result. I browsed your github page and saw that last commit on that plugin is almost a year old.

Can you give us some insight as of when can we expect a stable version and support for it?
Before purchasing the commercial version we need to be aware if we can use basic arithmetic excel funcions on the grid.

Thank you

Stefan Ilic

I made video demonstration

Hey Stefan,

a couple of months ago we decided (and started) developing a new formula engine.
The project started a few months ago but as that is an externally funded creation the process takes longer and cannot be announced while not finished (like it is with Github).
Before the end of the year, we should be able to make it public.

Thank you for the quick reply.

I will discuss it with the team =)

After further tinkering arround I found the problem.
Objects for the table are autogenerated and some of them had special characters in property keys.
After formatting correctly the properties, the problem didn’t occure anymore.


Really glad to hear that.

I’m closing the topic.