Append the data into Handsontable

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Hey their,
Suppose i have a handsontable of (say) n rows and (20) cols, and in ui i have a button (with js function call), so on click of it can it possible to load another set of data ( but this has to be appended (Only once) into the existing handsontable where the last line (+1 empty line) gets terminate)

And the row count will be differ here like some 5-10 difference.

Thank you

Hi @cadop16620

In this case I suggest to use updateSettings method and bind new data and config (one spare row) that way. Here’s an example:

You can read more about different methods of data binding here:

Thank you for quick response, now got clear view from this, thank you again,
And this is overiding my existing table, so i tried to concat two handsontable with some rowspans and this is the result:
Link :

But i am trying to remove header from the 2nd table (newData) colHeaders that is not reflecting in the result, so might be required some row visibility upon checking of header exist or not , then need to apply some custom updates.

Thank you

I’m not sure what do you exactly mean by removing the headers. I can see that you turned them off while updating the settings. Do you mean those pseudo-headers from the data set?

['', 'Audi', 'Hyundai', 'Opel', 'Mercedes', 'BMW', 'Fiat']

Yea earlier i ment those pseudo-headers from the data set as headers, but, here the data with me doesn’t have any kind of those headers, so now its fixed.

Thanks you response

Regarding minSpareRows, does handsontable allows us to set on top of handsontable, insteard in bottom

Thank you

minSpareRow can only add new rows at the bottom, if you want to add a blank row at the top (or any other place) you can do this programatically by using alter method:

Yea right, with programatically we can, tried it its working fine,

Thank you for response