Are DateRenderer,DropdownRenderer supported in Handsontable 11.0.1?

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Hi ,

We want to migrate to Handsontable 11.0.1 and the package.json has the following entries:

“handsontable”: “^11.0.1”

@handsontable/angular”: “^11.0.1”

But we see compilation errors for Handsontable.renderers.DateRenderer and andsontable.renderers.DropdownRenderer. The IntelliSense in the Visual Studio code does not show DateRenderer and DropdownRenderer in the popup, but shows other renders. In previous version (8.1.0) we had no issues with these two and the IntelliSense in the Visual Studio code showed DateRenderer & DropdownRenderer along with other renderers. But not in version 11.0.1. Also please note the path …\node_modules\handsontable\renderers does not show DateRenderer and DropdownRenderer but shows others like baseRenderer, numericRenderer,autocompleteRenderer etc.

Please confirm if version 11.0.1 supports these two, although did not see any migration- documentation which discusses about renderers.


Hi @a_ntn

You are right, it might be confusing. This is how it works, both, dateRenderer and dropdownRenderer uses AutocompleteRenderer and they are stil supported:

We will try to make it less confusing in the future.

Thank you Adrian!.

Hi @a_ntn

Here’s Aleksandra from the Customer Success Team. I wanted to ask if you have succeeded with the migration to v11. If you have any questions or suggestions I’m here to listen.

Hi Aleksandra,

Yes so basically, in our scenario we invoke the handsontable grid application from the main application submenu. The main angular application(we can call it parent application) runs using angular 10. But moving the parent application to angular 11 is suddenly not feasible , so the only choice we see is to open the handsontable application in some iframe(from the parent submenu). This way we can decouple handsontable application deployment along with it’s dependencies and we can take advantage of higher versions of handsontable. So while migrating handsontable from 8.1.0 to to version 11 we found that our code was not getting compiled. For example the expression “Handsontable.renderers.DateRenderer” which was working in 8.1.0 showed errors. So we are in the process of refactoring the code, as answered by Adrian . I will keep you updated…


Sure. Please take your time. We are here with Adrian if you would need anything.


So after replacing the expressions Handsontable.renderers.DateRenderer and Handsontable.renderers.DropdownRenderer with Handsontable.renderers.AutocompleteRenderer the compilation errors have gone and we tested the grid and has no issues for dropdown & date cells at runtime .


Hi @a_ntn

That’s great to hear! Let us know if you need any more help.