AUTOCOMPLETE bug on firefox - all version

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have the same issue as this post below

replicated this on firefox v85 64 bit, on different version of handsontable from latest to version 7.1.0. you can use this link to test

problem is for firefox only : autocomplete seems to lag behind the value on the inputholder
possible solution : add a delay or debounce before firing the autocomplete filter so it could catch up
(i dont know how to override it tho)

type : autocomplete
strict : true
allowInvalid : false
data source loaded : flat array e.g

can use handonstable own autocmplete to replicate problem.

you can replicate this by typing BLA then backspace spam A+backspace. attached yowwhaha

Thank you for sharing the issue report @mpefianco

I have replicated the same behavior.

(left Firefox, right Chrome - tested on Windows 10)

I have reported the issue on our Github board
It looks like it was working well in 7.3.0 so I have marked it as a regression.

I will update you as soon as we get it fixes.

Ty for this, unfortunately we have 8 columns that uses the autocomplete feature that’s why it gets triggered pretty commonly. also we are in the process on finishing a demo and HoT will be our recommendation to use in the future.btw if there are workarounds would be really helpful, looking at cell editor right now. thanks

4 cell types handle the functionality of a list of choices

  • dropdown
  • autocomplete (in use)
  • select
  • handsontable

But only autocomplete reduces the list of options when you type.

We can reduce the list due to a workaround based on afterDocumentKeyDown hook. But this could multiply the number of operations on that cell and affect performance. It might be easier to check what;s happening in the code. The issues related to the key event itself. We just need to find the difference between Firefox and Chrome in that matter.

will rely on this ticket for future fix. ty

Hi @mpefianco

I just wanted to let you know that we fixed that issue in the latest version - Handsontable v11.1.0

Here is a full list of changes