Autocomplete Cell, option list not filtered when cell has value

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Good day!

I am working with autocomplete cells and I’m looking for a way to display the list without filtering the dropdown list even if the cell has value.

Currently, when an autocomplete cell has a value, the options are filtered and does not show the list unless the cell is cleared:

I am trying to achieve a mix of dropdown and autocomplete behavior

Hi @karlytebia

If creating a custom editor is not an option, you can also remove the value when the editor opens, so then the list will show all of the options.

Thanks for your response. Custom editor can be an option.
Is there a way to capture the before show of dropdown options in cell?
DropdownMenu hooks are for the dropdown menu in headers.

Hi @karlytebia

there is no hook that is dedicated to that action. What is triggered is

  • beforeKeyDown (if opened on the key)
  • beforeOnCellMouseDown (for a click)