AutoComplete-Dropdown Column without Edits

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ist it possible to treat AutoComplete-Cells with a fixed amount of Results (2-4) as Dropdown-Columns where Keyboard-Inputs/copy&paste, etc. are blocked? (Desired process: click on the small arrow to show the fixed Results; don’t allow any kind of characters/numbers, etc.)

Thank you

Hi @Dominik

I think you can use afterBeginEditing hook and add your custom logic to block the input, as we don’t provide any API to do this.

Thank you for the suggestion, i’ll try it and provide an update to this post if it helped.

Sure, if you’ll encounter any problems just let me know.

I used the beforeKeyDown-Hook in the End, this hook made it a bit easier to implement the requirements.
Thanks again for the suggestion, the question has been resolved.

That’s great to hear. I’m closing this topic then.