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I need a little help with scrolling my table.

When I add huge number of rows, I want the table to show the bottom or the last entry, but I can’t also get it to work. I tried to manually scrolling the table but it doesn’t work. Is there a method in handsontable that can make table scroll to the bottom?

Also, additional question regarding the search plugin, if you don’t mind.
When I enable the search plugin, is there a way to only show the search result and hide other rows?

Hi @namihihii

I’m not sure if you sent the correct example. However, you can use scrollViewportTo plugin to auto-scroll to the desired position:

In order to make it work you need to specify the height of the table.

About your second question. That would require some customization, there’s no such configuration option for this plugin.

Hi Adrian,

Sorry, must have sent the wrong sample. I’ll try it with the jsfilldle you sent me. Thank you so much!
I didn’t know there was a scrollViewPortTo plugin, sorry I should have read the documentation more.

If I get the licensed version, would you guys be able to help with the customization?

Thanks again!

Hi @namihihii

No problem, I’m glad I could help.

About the second question, it depends on the customization level needed and on your support plan. You can contact our Sales Team so they will explain the differences between those plans and will help you to get the suitable one for you.

Hi Adrian,

Just another follow-up question regarding the viewport, is there a way to get the current viewport or like the last visible row and column?

Thanks, will try to contact them!

Yes, you can use those methods to get the last row or column:

Thanks! Will try to use that.
Have a great day! :slight_smile:

Hi again @adrian.szymanski

I recently got a licensed version, but I’m not sure who to contact regarding the search customization. Can you help me direct my question to the right person?


Hi @namihihii

Can you please contact me at and send me your license ID so I can check you support plan level?