Basic Typescript Example?

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You have great documentation for using Handsontable with Angular, React, and Vue, but I’m not experienced enough to use those packages yet.

Is it possible to provide a minimal, super basic Typescript example?

I love’s readme page, in that the Installation and Usage sections provide a tad of context, in addition to the code doing the work.

Such an example likely exists already, but I haven’t come across it yet under the docs, or in the forum when searching for Typescript. Maybe a example would be enough?

Thanks for any pointers for a newbie!


The installation guide for Angular is here if you already set up a new project using Angular CLI you’ll find those steps easier as CLI already creates the full file structure.

We have some example of use as well.

Here’s a basic use demo
Once you click the edit button below the table

you’re redirected to JSFiddle where you can edit the code and check how it works.
If you’d need any other examples of guidance let me know.