batchRender doesn't render the table and the hook `afterRender` is not called

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Hello, Handsontable team,

I hope this question is not stupid. We are so exciting about the batch rendering.

I was playing around with it. But, I found batchRender seems not rendering the table when I hide a column. And the hook afterRender is not called.
Please check this fiddle:
I would expect to see the alert ‘hook: after render’ after I click the button hide column and the corresponding column is hidden.

I didn’t find any clue to answer my question in the doc:

Thanks for the help!


there was no batching in the demo (I guess that you may send an older version) so I have created an example for you
Would that meet the requirements?

Thanks @aleksandra_budnik

I will try it later and give you the feedback.


have you already had time to test it out?

I’m closing this topic as there is no reply for 2 weeks.

Please contact me at if you still have any issues or seek guidance