Best way to implement excel-like functionality with functions

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Hi, I’ve been messing around with Handsontable for a bit now and I can’t figure out the best way to implement functionality to perform arithmetic on a set of cells.


  • Select cell, decide you want to use this cell as the result of some arithmetic operation
  • Begin typing (let’s say typing ’ = ’ triggers function-write mode), write SUM, or AVG, etc. Select cells, then return the result in the result cell.

This is very similar to the way excel works, but I’m unsure the best way to implement this functionality. I’ve tried to updateSettings with columnSummary, but it doesn’t seem to update the table right away. Would appreciate any help on this, thank you.

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Hi @jake_chambers12

If we could look at the code it would be simpler.
Can you share a JS playground demo (JSFiddle, CodePen, StackBlitz)?

There are more than 2 weeks without any demo or a comment. I’m closing this topic.