Bind key/Value or Text/Id to dropdown type

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Is there a way to bind array object having key/value or text/id to dropdown type.
below is my code.
var ddSource = [];
ddSource.push({id: 1, value: ‘John’});
ddSource.push({id: 2, value: ‘Smith’});
ddSource.push({id: 3, value: ‘Peter’});

var col = {};
col.type = ‘dropdown’;
col.allowInvalid = false;
col.className = ‘type11’;
col.trimDropdown = false;
col.source = ddSource,

currently I am binding only name, but how can I bind key/value or Text/Id to dropdown?

Sorry, but it feature is not implemented yet. It’s on our TOP 5 needed features.

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Thanks aleksandra_budnik.

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