Broken scrolling

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Hello, we have problem with handometable scrolling. During scroll headers and row ids are freeze. We discovered that problem occurs when handsontable is inside angular material tab-group and also contains *ngif directive


Hi @lukasz.zablocki.lz1

Sorry for keeping you waiting. I passed the case to my colleague and waiting for their feedback.

Hi @lukasz.zablocki.lz1

I just got the update. It looks like the issue is connected to (CSS `display" none’ in use), and this issue

I will notify you as soon as the issues are solved, and then we will be able to test the demo together. We are checking the possibility of fixing these issues in upcoming releases.

ps. could you please email me at with a detailed specification for this project? I would like to make sure that everything else will work and would love to know what’s the current state of the development for this project.

Hi @lukasz.zablocki.lz1

It seems that I did not get the email. Should we still investigate this case?

I am closing this issue as there are no updates. Please feel free to open a new thread if needed.