Can I have multiple 'Contains' filters on one column

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Given I have a column with the following data: [‘Alfie’, ‘Ollie’, ‘Rosie’, ‘Daisy’] and I apply a contains filter of contains ‘Alf’. It would filter to the first 1. But if I had another contains filter of ‘Oll’, I would expect to see the first 2 rows…

Is that correct, are contains filters able to have multiple “OR” values on one column?? I am setting it as a disjunction.

This is what I have

const columnIndex = this.table.propToCol(;
const tableFilterPlugin = this.table.getPlugin('filters');

const currentFilters = get(

const newFilter = [...currentFilters, form.filterValue];
tableFilterPlugin.addCondition(columnIndex, 'contains', newFilter, 'disjunction');

Hey @christine

here’s an example of different filters, but you can use the same two times as well

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