Can I remove or change a renderer in a cell?

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So, I have a table that I essentially have a custom renderer for every column. However, I would like to style/use the last row of the table differently. I am using the cell function to change the classname, but because their is a custom renderer, it doesn’t work on most.

Is there a way for my last row, via the cell function, to remove the custom renderer or change the rendered type back to a basic “text” type or standard, so that the styling I do will take effect?

Hi @mhennessy7

I would rather focus on adding an additional condition for your cell renderer than removing the renderer from a cell (which is also possible).

Could you share some more details about the implementation? As I understand there has to be a condition met for your cells method to style a cell differently than how it is defined in the column’s custom renderer, right?

I found that I could set the cellproperties.renderer , which worked for me…so all good!

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Please tell me how.

Hi @zj_carlos

Can you share a bit more details about your use case? I’ll be happy to help.