Can we change column selection functionality?

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Hello @aleksandra_budnik

Current table selection of the column in Handsontable(when we click on column header) consist of Header selection, Entire column selection and also the first cell in that column. What I actual want is when user clicks on the column header then only column header and entire column should get selected. First cell should not get selected.

I have tried to achieve this using copule of solution describe in this fiddle -> Column Header Selection

However, at first it is working when i click on column. but when I scroll horizontally, vertically OR I do any operation via dropDown Menu again first cell is getting selected. Is there any workaround/solution for this issue you can think of ?

Can you record it please?

It seem to work the same even when I scroll to the end of the table.

I’m using Windows 11 with Chrome 76.

@aleksandra_budnik Here is the URL containing recording.
If you see, When i first click on the header then first cell in that column is not selected but, if i scroll down vertically, you can see that first cell is again selected.

Same thing happens whenever I scroll horizontally, vertically or perform any action [ i.e. sorting, filtering ].

please check and let me know if any more help needed.

I have replicated the same behavior. Thank you for sharing the recording.

This is a default Handsontable behavior. I’m afraid that you’d need to change some selection settings to avoid the selection of the first cell.
Even when we select an area of cells there’s always the one ‘leading’ cell.


Hello. @aleksandra_budnik Thank you for your response. You write we need to change “some selection setting” to avoid the selection of the first cell. Does that mean we need to change “selectionMode” property to single select OR we need to change the code in handsontable file itself. If it is can you tell me where I can change that in handsontable JS file. May be after change I will create a custom build.

more like

as there’s no API method to get rid of the single cell leading in the area selection.