Cannot convert a Symbol value to a string

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vue 2.6.11

What should I do

Hi @dahuacoder

The general issue with the Symbol was mentioned here [VUE] TypeError: Cannot convert a Symbol value to a string and solved for Vue version 2.6.11.

If it still happens for you, I need to get more details about how to replicate the issue. Could you please specify when the error occurs and what are your other implementation details (Handsontable/wrapper version, system type, used bundler)?

thank you for your reply

“handsontable”: “12.1.2”, node v16.13.2 wrapper@0.1.0 macos 12.3.1 (21E258)

Sorry, I guess that I misled you with the wrapper as I do not recognize the version you mentioned wrapper@0.1.0. I was going to ask for the Handsontable for Vue wrapper Generally, we recommend using the same wrapper version as for the version of Handsontable.

Does the error occur when you initialize Handsontable and try to run the server or in a different situation?


occur the error when initialize

If I click here, it will also trigger this error
Handsontable is placed in this sub component

That might be the reason for the issue as a single component does not show the following error. Would you be able to share an example (CodePen, Stackblitz, CodeSandbox, etc.) where the issue is replicable?

this is test code


this is test url

Did you find the problem?

I did not get the error while using your example.

I recommend using this tutorial to build your App.vue component, as in your code, you duplicate App.vue and /components/HelloWorld.vue.

Hey @dahuacoder

Were you able to check what was causing the issue?