Cannot edit cells in Handsontable if autoRowSize: true

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I have handsontable. Normally i can edit cells if i dont use autoRowSize: true. But if i dont use autoRowSize: true row heights resizing randomly. I have to use that for proper row height displaying.

As you can see on image below weirdly i can only change checkbox. Dropdown or normal input fields not working. I cant edit them even if they are editable. Only checkbox can editable.

if my cell is read only like

<td class="htRight htNumeric htDimmed ui-datatable-even">0</td>

if cell not read only it is like

<td class="htAutocomplete ui-datatable-even"><div class="htAutocompleteArrow">▼</div></td>

For checkbox field and other fields who is not read only is not htdimmed(editable). I dont know what it caused of it with autoRowSize: true. How can i fix this ?

Hi @samet.dag

Thank you for contacting us. Can you please share your Handsontable configuration object, and also tell me what version of Handsontable you use?

@adrian.szymanski I’m using handsontable via Primefaces Sheet extension. Handsontable version shows as 6.1.1. I dont have any configuration for handsontable. Primefaces doing that in the background. Dunno how to provide that to you.

Hi @samet.dag

Thank you for more details. Indeed, it will be hard to reproduce the problem in any sandbox. Can you send me your license key at, so I can check your current support plan? I think that in this case we should schedule a call to see what might be this issue.