Can't i use the type function in formula?

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In general, you can digitize the values of each cell by using the type function in Excel, 2 by text, 4 by logic, 16 by error, 64 by array, but can’t you use the type function in the handsontable formula?

I actually tried it, and a function error occurs.

Hi @curlydoggi

here I have gathered the list of formulas compared with the old engine and HyperFormula, none of the engines supported TYPE formula.

However, HyperFormula allows you to create custom functions Here is an example with a custom function called HYPER.

Do I need to add a js file to use custom hyperformula?

You do not need to install anything more if you already use Handsontable v9+
Here is an example of use

Here is the list of libraries that are included when you install v9+ (HyperFormula included)

The code sandbox link you posted on the top is a sample that produces custom hyperformula, and the link below is a sample that uses hyperformula in handsontable, right?

So we can use both at the same time?

Hi @curlydoggi

I have asked our CTO for installation tips, and he said that you should always additionally install HyperFormula as the package management tool optimizes the installation himself. So yes, please do install Hyperformula and Handsontable.

However, I would also want to remind you that the use of the HyperFormula outside the implementation of Handsontable requires an additional license so your custom function can be used only within the Handsontable.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask.

Thanks Alexandra, I understand everything I was curious about. I’ll ask you a question if there’s a problem in use.

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