Cell Dropdown with helper text in option

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I want to set a cell type to dropdown but dropdown option label should be custom eg. if it can handle html i can customize label. but upon selection only value should be shown in cell and user should be able to type in that cell too.

can I achieve :

  • only the actual string format (i.e. ${:,.0f} ) would show up in the box, and the reference text “$1,000” would only show up in the dropdown menu. this will also help support the next point:
  • the user can still type in their own custom string, in case the options in the menu aren’t what they need.

Hi @jamshaidbutt055

In order to achieve something like this, you would need to write a custom editor. You can check our guide here to see how to do this: https://handsontable.com/docs/react-data-grid/cell-editor/