Cell value changes when I move a row with a referenced cell

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Hi! I’m facing a bug and I’m not sure about how to face it. First of all, I put a reference on cell D3 (=D5), and then I’m moving the fifth row to the seventh position. Here’s when I realize that the value of the D3 cell changes, but it shouldn’t, because D3 is now referencing to D7. The introduced data (start and end) in the moveCells method is correct.

Here you can see a screenshot before and after the row movement.

Here’s a screenshot of my code.


Hi @javier.de.tena

I tried to recreate your issue but I wasn’t able to do that. Can you please send the code demo showing your problem?

Hey @javier.de.tena, how’s going? Were you able to create a demo where the issue is replicable?

Hi! I’m having some trouble to replicate the error on a demo. I will send you a message with a jsfiddle link when I can replicate it. Thanks!

Sure. Sometimes even creating a demo can pinpoint what is causing the issue. You just need to add a couple of options max at a time and check if that changes anything. If that won’t help we can schedule a quick call next week.

Hi Javier, do we have any updates on this subject? If it is hard to minimize the example we can jump on a call and test it out together.

Hi @javier.de.tena I hope everything works well now. If not please contact us at support@handsontable.com