Checkbox unresponsive inside a custom created with type text

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I have created a similar functionality(Angular 12) following this demo - , but the checkbox in the column is not editable, I can check and uncheck it by passing true in the input tag but not by clicking on it as shown in the demo, can you please help me resolving this issue, that would be really helpful.

Hi @kritikaraizada90

Can you please send us also your demo in Angular? It would be easier to debug.

Hello, yes sure. Just let me know how can I send it to you.

You can prepare it in jsfiddle as well.

okay, will share soon.

Hello, I have shared the code snippet here. Please have a look at this. Thanks.

Hi @kritikaraizada90

Your example doesn’t work, it throws errors and has missing resources, but even after adding them it still doesn’t work. Can you please re-check it?

@adrian.szymanski is right. @kritikaraizada90 there are some variable declarations missing.

Hi @kritikaraizada90

As we do not have updates for a longer period of time, we need to close the thread. But please send us a demo at if you still have any issues.