Collapse all columns including first one also

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Is it should be possible to collapse all columns vertically including first columns also.

Currently when we are collapsing is it not collapsing last column.’



Hi @fayejitendra

What would be a desired result? Can you create a draft/sketch?


I want to collapse first child column also. Because in the current behavior, table get collapsed till first child column and if suppose the width of first child column is more than it is take more space after collapsing also.

That is why I was asking can we collapse all the columns including frist child column.


But what should happen with the header? Should it be only a header with empty data underneath? I am sorry but it seem to look broken and I do not see any option to do it with the official API.

Header should be visible with minimum width and + sign. because currently header is visible with first child column . And if the width of first child column is more than it takes more space in screen.

Could you please suggest if this can be done.


So the collapsing if the same but you would like to resize the column after its collapsed, right? Then might this be fine?

Hey @fayejitendra

does the latest demo meet your requirements?