Column features

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I wanted to request a feature (if it already exists I’ll be happy to know).

  1. hidden columns - The way it’s currently done is by defining an array with column id’s to hide.
    This is very difficult to manager since any change in column order requires changing this array.
    It’ll be much easier to define by column data attribute or to simply define whether a column is hidden or not as done in other frameworks.
  2. table headers - again, very hard to manage when in the form of an array. It’ll be much easier to define it in the column definition.

An example for a column definition:

 data: 'example1',
 type: 'text',
 width: 130,
 header:'Example 1'

thank you

Hi @taln
It is a really great idea to add the hidden parameter to a column. I’ll mark your idea as a feature request.