Column Freeze - Angular

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Is there a way to change the behavior of freeze column? For example, I chose to freeze column E, currently, only column A gets frozen. What if I want all the columns before column E including itself to be frozen?

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Hi @eabardies

Currently you can achieve that only programatically by defining fixedColumnsStart option:

Manually you can freeze only one column at the time.

Hi @adrian.szymanski,

Thanks for the quick response.

So, manually freezing column will start from the leftmost column until it reaches the column you’re freezing, right? For example, I am freezing column E, it will start freezing column A and I have to keep freezing column E until it reaches that column, correct?


Hi @eabardies

Exactly, that’s correct.

Hi @adrian.szymanski,

Thanks again for the confirmation! :slight_smile: