Column header styling

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Hi, I have this issue where I am trying to highlight cells but then I do not want the column header to apply the highlight style, it should remain the same with what I have set. How can I achieve this?

Please check the codepen:

Hi @jaydeep.vomexchandra

Can you send a draft of what a highlight should look when we

  1. Select Cell A1.
  2. Select header 1

What will help me to understand the requirements.


Hi @aleksandra_budnik

On cell select, I want the highlighted cell and column header to maintain it’s background color I have set for the header. When I set this, it overrides the column header color on highlight. In my production code, I have two cells which are different color, for example, Column B is X and Column C is Y - if I highlight any cells in this columns it highlights the column header with the default handsontable background color, I want this styling to be disabled so that it maintains the colors I set.



Thank you, Jay.

I guess that you just need to add disableVisualSelection: 'header' then. Updated demo

Thanks @aleksandra_budnik! That works!

Great, Thank you for the update.