Column Hiding leads to Ghosting of empty columns

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Below is my implementation and the problem I am facing. Please assist in finding a resolution.

  1. We have 10 columns and hide 2 of them in the settings hiddenColumns:{columns:[2,3]}.
  2. There is an screen where all the column headers are listed and can be hidden with user toggle show/hide action. Assume 8 column headers are shown there.
  3. Now when we try to hide additional 4 columns by clicking on the toggle, they are hidden, but at the end of the table, I can see 4 ghost columns with empty cell values and column headers as default excel alphabets

Hi @kishoranand.raj

I think that you are experiencing this bug that can be also tested here In my example column are back with data but still, the issue is related to their reappearance when updateSettings is used (to show/hide headers).

The issue hasnt been scheduled yet. But I will update you as soon as we fix it.

Hi @aleksandra_budnik, Thank you

Hi @kishoranand.raj

I have good news. We just released Handsontable v12 where this issue is fixed.
Here is the link to the issue and here are the release notes

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